Original Article

Thoracic Trauma: 156 Patient Assessment


  • Tülin Durgun Yetim
  • İbrahim Yetim
  • Mehmet Duru
  • Hanifi Bayaroğulları

Received Date: 29.11.2010 Accepted Date: 17.01.2011 Eurasian J Emerg Med 2011;10(3):110-113


To assess trauma patients admitted to the emergency services, because a significant portion of the thoracic trauma cases make up the leading cause of death.

Materials and Methods:

156 patients with chest trauma in our clinic admitted to the Antakya public hospital and medical school at the University of Mustafa Kemal between 2008-2010 were retrospectively reviewed. Of the patients, 95 were male and 61 female. The average age of patients with blunt trauma was 18-65years, and with penetrating trauma 13-55.


Of the admitted patients,112 had blunt, and 44 had penetrating chest trauma. Rib fractures were present in 90 patients, clavicle in 11 patients, scapula in nine patients, and 10 patients had fracture of the sternum. In addition, flail chest deformity was detected in 20 patients. Pneumothorax was the most common intrathoracic complication in 60 patients, hemothorax in 20 patients, and lung contusion in 15 patients. 81 tubes were inserted in patients with thoracotomy, mechanical ventilation was performed in 10 patients, and thoracotomy in 6. The mean duration of hospitalization was 7-14 days.


Patients with chest injuries and traumatology must be met and treated by a multidisciplinary team of experts in thoracic surgery, orthopedics, brain surgery and anesthesia, without losing the experience of emergency general surgery as soon as possible. Penetrating trauma, especially in the younger generation, tends to be increased.

Keywords: Penetrating trauma, age, multidisciplinary approach