Original Article

The Utility of a Standardized Evaluation Form for Complaints in Patients with Acute Abdominal and Flank Pain


  • Bedia Gülen
  • Cem Oktay
  • Güleser Akpınar
  • Ertan Sönmez

Received Date: 15.02.2016 Accepted Date: 20.02.2016 Eurasian J Emerg Med 2016;15(1):20-23


In this study, we aimed to assess the diagnostic accuracy and cost effectiveness of a first-step evaluation form, which we improved for patients administrated to the emergency department (ED) with non-traumatic acute abdominal and flank pain.

Materials and Methods:

Patients presenting with non-traumatic acute abdominal and flank pain complaints to the ED were included in this prospective cross-sectional cohort study in two consecutive months. Control group patients were evaluated with forms currently in use in our ED in the first month, whereas the evaluation of the test group was perfromed with the standardized evaluation form specifically designed for acute abdominal and flank pain in the second month.


Throughout both sessions, 1224 patients in total presented with non-traumatic abdominal and flank pain. Out of these, 285 of those enrolled in the first session, and 335 enrolled in the second session. Both control and test groups, which were similar demographically and with respect to vital symptoms/ findings, did not show any significant difference with respect to the examination/test and treatment. However, we observed a significant decrease in ED patient care expenses in the group evaluated with the new standardized form. Among them, those who were evaluated with the standardized form had relatively fewer complaints than those evaluated with the currently available evaluation form.


Our results showed that utilization of a new standardized form for patients presenting with non-traumatic acute abdominal and flank pain significantly decreased patient care expenses for ED care; furthermore, they experienced relatively fewer complaints after discharge from the ED.

Keywords: Abdominal pain, flank, cost, standardized form, emergency department