Original Article


  • Y. KAYA
  • E. AYDIN

Received Date: 17.04.2007 Accepted Date: 06.06.2007 Eurasian J Emerg Med 2007;6(3):13-16

The material of this study is consisted of a total of 126 sportsmen, 27 of whom were females and 99 were males who participated the competition. The sportsmen were monitored from the desk of the physician in charge and were recorded together with the interventions of the physician. Later the video shootings recorded throughout the competition were evaluated. Considering the breakdown of data according to the body parts 26 sportsmen out of were traumatized. This ratio has been determined to be 20,63 % for the population. Considered from the viewpoint of traumas according to the body parts; the most severe trauma has been sustained by the head with 42,03 % followed by traumas in the shoulder region with %15 and traumas in the arms and elbows with 15%, traumas in the knees with 8%, traumas in the ankles and legs with 8%, traumas in the chest with 4%, traumas in the hands with 4% and traumas in the thigh with 4%. In terms of extremities, the traumas were sustained in upper extremities with a rate of 81% and 19% in lower extremities.

Keywords: Judo, Trauma, Localizations, Competition and Interferences Shapes