Original Article

Spontaneous Pneumomediastinum: Two Cases


  • Yunsur CEVİK
  • Cem AKMAN
  • Havva ŞAHİN
  • Ertugrul ALTINBİLEK
  • Erkan BALKAN

Received Date: 03.08.2008 Accepted Date: 14.11.2008 Eurasian J Emerg Med 2009;8(1):60-62

Spontaneous pneumomediastinum is a benign situation which occurs rarely and frequently effects young adult men. Cases are rarely with symptoms and they are detected by chance. Frequently the symptoms degrade without need to the treatment. Diagnosis can be made by physical examination and chest roentgenograms, rarely further analysis are required. We aim at presenting two cases with spontaneous pneumomediastinum that we have diagnosed with computerized tomography.

Keywords: Computerized tomography, Chest pain, Emergency department, Spontaneous pneumomediastinum, Subcutaneous emphysema