Case Report

Penetrating Nail Injury between Os Occipitale and the First Cervical Vertebra: Case Report


  • Havva Şahin
  • O. Faruk Türkoğlu
  • Timur Yıldırım
  • Müge Sönmez

Received Date: 29.07.2009 Accepted Date: 08.12.2009 Eurasian J Emerg Med 2012;11(3):185-187

Spinal cord injuries are the most devastating of all trauma-related injuries. Penetrating cervical spinal cord injuries are seen rarely. Due to the damage to neural structures, these injuries are associated with significant morbidity. The majority of penetrating injuries are caused by gunshot wounds. Stabbing injuries caused by knives, screwdrivers, glass fragments and nails are much less common. The primary concern in managing penetrating neck injuries is control of bleeding and airway management. In this case report we described an unusual case of accidental nail injury occuring in a man who sustained a penetrating neck injury with a nail lodged between the os occipitale and the first cervical vertebra which caused incomplete spinal injury.

Keywords: Cervical vertebra, penetrating injury, spinal cord