Original Article

Investigation of Rotations in Emergency Resident Education Programs by Emergency Physicians

Emergency medicine, rotation, cardiology

  • Burcu Denizlioğlu
  • İsmet Parlak
  • Sadiye Yolcu
  • Berna Kalender
  • Nur Ünal
  • Selda Özel Coşkun
  • Necip Kahraman

Received Date: 07.10.2013 Accepted Date: 10.12.2013 Eurasian J Emerg Med 2014;13(2):75-81


In our study, we wanted emergency medicine physicians who were working in several cities in our country to investigate the number, time, variety, and content of compulsory rotations of emergency medicine physician student (EMPS) education. We aimed to find out the beneficial factors about rotations in EMPS education.

Material and Methods:

A questionnaire form (28 questions) was applied to emergency physicians about rotations of EMPS.


We included 294 physicians into the study. We found that time period of all rotations except cardiology and radiology should stay the same; the time period of these two rotations should be longer. When we asked if ‘this rotation should be removed or elective?’, participants’ answers were chest disease, neurology, gynecology, surgery, and anesthesiology consecutively.


For reaching the real aims of rotations, suitable rotations should be provided to emergency residents, and they should be able to improve themselves at the educational point.

Keywords: Emergency medicine, rotation, cardiology