Case Report

Massive Ingestion of Clopidogrel in a Suicidal Attempt: A Case Report and Review of Literature


  • Fevzi Yılmaz
  • Orçun Çiftci
  • Muhammed Evvah Karakılıç
  • Cemil Kavalcı
  • Engin Deniz Arslan

Received Date: 27.05.2013 Accepted Date: 01.07.2013 Eurasian J Emerg Med 2013;12(3):167-169

Clopidogrel is an antiplatelet agent mainly used in coronary artery disease. It has a rare toxicity due to low side effect profile. In this paper we present a 55-year-old male patient presenting to the emergency department due to a clopidogrel overdose of 4200 mg in a suicidal attempt. He had no major or life-threatening hemorrhage, but hematuria that regressed spontaneously without a significant hemoglobin drop. He was monitored at the emergency department for 48 hours and discharged after an uneventful clinical course. There are limited reports about clopidogrel overdose in the literature. Although major systemic side effects such as major bleeding, purpura, heart failure, and other effects are known to occur with clopidogrel overdose, our patient did not experience such effects.

Keywords: Clopidogrel, bleeding, overdose, suicide