Case Report

Foreign Body Without Complication in the Thorax (Bullet Core): Case Report


  • Ali Karakuş
  • Ahmet Güngör
  • Kadir Damgacı
  • Hayati Kandiş
  • Osman Özcan Apaydın

Received Date: 30.06.2009 Accepted Date: 05.08.2009 Eurasian J Emerg Med 2011;10(3):138-140

Because of the high rates of death and severe injury due to thoracal gun shot wounds, the medical approach to bullet cores remaining in the thoracic cavity without causing any complication has only rarely been presented in the literature. In this study, we aimed to investigate the treatment and follow up stages of a patient who was admitted to the emergency department due to a thoracic gunshot wound and developed no thoracic complication.

Keywords: Thorax, gunshot wound, bullet core