Original Article

Factors that Affect Patient Satisfaction in Emergency Department


  • Behçet AL
  • İsmail TOGUN
  • Suat ZENGİN
  • Selim BOZKURT
  • Ataman KÖSE
  • Rabia SOHBET

Received Date: 01.01.2009 Accepted Date: 12.01.2009 Eurasian J Emerg Med 2009;8(1):39-44


is to determine the factors that affect the patients’ satisfaction in emergency department.

Material and Method:

In this study the demographic knowledge, characteristic of care, factors that affected the satisfaction/dissatisfaction of 1454 patients over 16 years old was reported.


Of 1454 patients, 46.4% were female, and 53.6% were male. The mean age was 39.9 years. Of pstients, 70.2% were satisfied, 21.2% unsatisfied, and 8.6% partly satisfied for all cares in emergency department. The factors that were statistically significant on patient satisfaction were: Doctors and nurses’ experiences-behaviors, cleanliness and decoration of hospital, informing the patients and their relatives, the time percieved and spended for results, giving prescription while being discharged, shape of meeting the patients at the door of emergency department and taking them in. There was no statistically significant relationship between education level, gender, age distribution, bringing state of patient, and the place patient came from (p>0.05).


Doctors’ behaviors were the most common factor that affected the patient satisfaction. Nurse behavior, giving information to the patients for prosedures while the detailed investigation and treatment going on, cleanliness condition, and giving information while the patient are discharged were the affective factors on patient satisfaction.

Keywords: Physician-Patient Relations, Patient Satisfaction, decoration of hospital, social insurance, cleanliness