Original Article

Factors Influencing Mortality in Pediatric Trauma Patients


  • Mahmut Taş
  • Cahfer Güloğlu
  • Murat Orak
  • Mehmet Üstündağ
  • Mustafa Aldemir

Received Date: 10.12.2011 Accepted Date: 03.01.2012 Eurasian J Emerg Med 2012;11(3):161-166


In our study, we aimed to research the factors we thought might be affect mortality in a pediatric age group (0-15 y) with multiple trauma.

Materials and Methods:

In our study of 1658 pediatric patients suffering from falling events, burns, cutting and perforating instrument injuries, gunshot injuries and vehicle accidents admitted to Dicle University. hospital ED between March 2003 and December 2006 were analyzed and included to the study consecutively. The patients were divided in two groups, the patients who survived were in group 1, and the patients who died were in group 2.


Of the 1658 patients, 70.5% (n= 1169) were male, 29.5% (n= 489) were female and 107 patient died (6.46 %). Mean age was 6.75+-0.397 in group 2 (who died) and 7.00+-0.99 in group 1, (survived). Low RTS score (OR (odds ratio)=1.565, CI=1.297-1.889, p<0.05). Falling down from height OR=0.637, CI=0.408- 0.995, p<0.05), postulated admission (OR=2.035 CI=1.267-3.267, p<0.05) and medical treatment (OR=0.451, CI=0.273-0.744, p<0.05) were found to be the effective factors in pediatric patients with multiple trauma.


The falling events, abdominal and thoracic trauma with low İSS, RTS, TRİSS and postulated admission to ED are the factors that affect the mortality in pediatric trauma patients.

Keywords: Pediatric trauma, mortality, emergency department, trauma scores