Original Article

Factors Affecting the Prognosis in Acute Insecticide Intoxications Containing Organic Phosphorus


  • Nalan Kozacı
  • Yüksel Gökel
  • Ayça Açıkalın
  • Salim Satar

Received Date: 23.11.2011 Accepted Date: 06.01.2012 Eurasian J Emerg Med 2012;11(2):93-97


The goal of the study was to investigate the complications encountered during the follow up and treatment of the patients intoxicated with insecticides that contain organic phosphorus and assess the effects of these complications on the treatment periods of these patients.

Material and Methods:

Patients who presented to the tertiary care emergency department with the diagnosis of intoxication with insecticides containing organic phosphorus (OPi) between March 2004-September 2005 were included into the study.


Thirty four patients were included into the study. Seven of them underwent mechanical ventilation due to respiratory failure. The Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) score was found to be <9 in patients with respiratory insufficiency. Eight of them had an initial serum amylase level of >300 U/L. The total dose of atropine used in these patients and the duration of hospital stay were found to be higher than in the other patients.


The clinical presentation and course of the patients especially with respiratory failure and hyperamylasemia are observed to be more serious, their atropine needs are greater r and they have longer hospital stays. GCS is a useful parameter in determining the need for intubation.

Keywords: Organic phosphorus, intoxication, complication