Original Article

Evaluation of Pre-School (0-6) Age Group Trauma Patients Etiology


  • Bahri Atlı
  • Şevki Hakan Eren
  • Abuzer Coşkun
  • İlhan Korkmaz
  • Mehmet Eren

Received Date: 20.11.2013 Accepted Date: 23.01.2014 Eurasian J Emerg Med 2014;13(4):172-175


Trauma is one of the most important reasons of death in the pediatric age group. The aim of this study is to analyze the relation between the trauma type, trauma time, and the way of arrival to the hospital and to examine the causes of traumatic etiology and outcomes in the 0-6 age group (pre-primary) of trauma cases in our state.

Material and Methods:

Trauma cases in the 0-6 age group (pre-primary) who were admitted to the Cumhuriyet University Medical School Emergency Department between May 2009-May 2011 were evaluated.


In our study period, 799 children aged 0-6 were admitted to our emergency service; 55.8% of these patients were male. Most patients were mainly referred to the ER in July, August, and September, and the highest value was detected in July. Falls were first and motor vehicle accidents were second in frequency among the causes of injury.


Consequently, traumas are showing an increase, especially in summer time, and it is observed that children are disregarded during farm works, and because of this, trauma numbers are being increased between the ages of 0-6 years.

Keywords: Hospital emergency service, trauma, children