Original Article

Evaluation of Consultations Requested from Patients Admitted to the Emergency Department


  • Enver Özçete
  • Ömer Kaçmaz
  • Ömer Damar
  • Mehmet Üstündağ
  • Murat Orak
  • Cahfer Güloğlu

Received Date: 07.11.2014 Accepted Date: 12.03.2015 Eurasian J Emerg Med 2015;14(3):113-117


This study was aimed to conduct an investigation towards evaluation of the efficiency of the consultation system that is in place in the emergency service of our hospital and identification and correction of deficiencies in this system.

Materials and Methods:

Patients who were admitted to the emergency department and for whom requesting a consultation were required for any reason were included in the study. Forms were filled out by the emergency research assistants. Patients whose data was incomplete and consents could not be obtained were excluded from the study.


A total of 213 patients were included in the study, and a total of 315 consultations were requested. The total number of consultations requested by the internal medicine departments was 126, and the total number of consultations requested by the trauma (surgery) departments was 189. Of the 213 patients, 104 (48.8%) were hospitalized and 109 (51.2%) were discharged. The average number of consultations of 213 patients was 1.5±0.7, the average length of stay of the patients in the emergency service was 366.7±312.9 min. and the mean age of the patients was 41±24 years. The average seniority of the consultant physicians in a total of 315 consultations performed was 26.8±10.6 months, and the average consultation response time of the consultant physicians was 62.2±67.8 min.


Because of the changing healthcare system in our country, the consultation services, particularly in university hospitals, should be re-structured.

Keywords: Emergency department, consultation, consultation time