Original Article

Esophagitis Corrosive Treatment of N-acetyl Cysteine Preventing Early Stricture use development activity


  • Tülin Durgun Yetim
  • İbrahim Yetim
  • Mehmet Duru

Received Date: 29.11.2010 Accepted Date: 14.01.2011 Eurasian J Emerg Med 2011;10(2):73-75


Esophageal stricture early corrosive burns to investigate the eff ectiveness in preventing the use of N-acetyl-cysteine. Strictures of the esophagus due to caustic substances occur with the ingestion of solid or liquid corrosive materials.

Materials and Methods:

A prospective randomized study was performed to evaluate the eff ectiveness of conventional therapy alone and conventional therapy + N-acetyl cysteine. Fifty patients with grade 2b and grade 3 burnt were analyzed. Intensive n-acetyl cysteine therapy can reduce the incidence of stricture development in patients with advanced grade corrosive esophagitis.


N-acetyl cysteine group+ Konvansitonel used in 1 patient, stenosis developed in 7 patients in the group with conventional treatment.


We believe that our fi ndings will be better supported with the groups including larger number of patients or with the experimental studies.

Keywords: Esophagitis corrosıve, N-acetyl cysteine, stricture