Original Article

Emergency Room Consultations: Problems and Solutions


  • Halil İbrahim Çıkrıklar
  • Yusuf Yürümez
  • İbrahim Keleş
  • Şerife Özdinç
  • Fatih Selvi
  • Zülfü Engindeniz
  • Ramazan Kuşarslan
  • Murat Yücel
  • Mehmet Ali Ekici
  • Canan Baydemir

Received Date: 12.09.2013 Accepted Date: 04.05.2015 Eurasian J Emerg Med 2015;14(4):167-171


This study aimed at identifying the problems of consultations requested from the emergency department (ED), the solution to these problems, suggestions for physicians to reveal the nature of the issue addressed, and to contribute to the literature because not enough research has been done on this issue yet.

Materials and Methods:

This study included emergency and consultant physicians working in six different EDs. Consultation procedures prepared in advance for the most basic problems and questions with solutions to address these issues by filling in the questionnaire were received.


Of the 439 physicians included in the study, 299 were men (68.1%) and 140 were women (31.9%). The age of men was between 24 and 62 years, with a mean age of 36.1±8.1 years, while the age of women was between 24 and 53 years, with a mean age of 33.3±6.2 years. During the process of consultation, emergency physicians experienced the most fundamental problems such as “completing the diagnostic process of the patients in the emergency department and patients requiring hospitalization to be treated in the emergency department” were detected. However, the consultant physicians experienced that “patients were not examined enough by emergency physicians and patient files did not have sufficient information.”


A full assessment of the patient before consultation and consultation with the correct branches are requested by consultant physicians. Emergency physicians request to see respect from consultant physicians and not to complete the stages of diagnosis and treatment in the emergency department.

Keywords: Emergency department, consultation, emergency management