Case Report

Cutaneous Anthrax Patients: Evaluation of Four Family Members


  • Kamil Tünay
  • Havva Tünay
  • Neşe Demirtürk
  • Oya Oruç
  • Talip Çevik
  • Ahmet Boyacı

Received Date: 09.07.2015 Accepted Date: 27.10.2015 Eurasian J Emerg Med 2016;15(1):54-55

Anthrax is a zoonotic infectious disease caused by B.anthracis. Declining with each passing day in our country is still an endemic disease. Cutaneous anthrax- (CA) is the most common form and consists of approximately 95% of all cases of anthrax. In this study, we report and discuss with literature 4 skin anthrax diagnosed patients who admitted to emergency service with complaints of no pain and black colored wound on their hands in the same family members.

Keywords: Anthrax, cutaneous anthrax, bacillus anthracis