Case Report

Case Report: Amyand’s Hernia


  • Yusuf Tanrıkulu
  • Serap Erel
  • Ceren Şen Tanrıkulu
  • Volkan Taşova
  • Evren Kenan Ortaç

Received Date: 16.09.2009 Accepted Date: 19.09.2009 Eurasian J Emerg Med 2011;10(4):174-176

Claudius Amyand first described the presence of a vermiform appendix within an inguinal hernia sac i in 1735., and since then this entity has carried his name as “Amyand’s hernia”. The incidence of a normal appendix within an inguinal hernia sac is estimated to be approximately 1%, whereas acute appendicitis presenting in an inguinal hernia is an uncommon event (0.13% of all cases of appendicitis). Diagnosis of Amyand’s hernia is usually made intraoperatively. This is the report of a case.of Amyand’s hernia where the appendix was found within the hernial sac during surgery for an incarcerated inguinale hernia in a 35 year old male patient. In conclusion, acute appendicitis within an Amyand hernia can be life threatening and the patients always require emergency surgery.

Keywords: Appendicitis, amyand’s hernia, inguinale hernia