Original Article

Assessment of the Pesticide Poisoning Admitted to Emergency Medicine


  • Önder Tomruk
  • Serdal Öğüt
  • Nesrin Gökben Çetin

Received Date: 23.01.2009 Accepted Date: 01.07.2009 Eurasian J Emerg Med 2009;8(4):33-37


In this study, it is aimed that examining the sociodemographic characteristics of the pesticide poisoning cases in Isparta region where the economy mainly relies on agriculture and comparing it to similar studies; thus contributing the country’s data and the possible measures.


51 acute pesticide poisoning cases were who admitted Suleyman Demirel University, School of Medicine Hospital Department of Emergency Medicine between 01.01.2007 and 01.09.2008 were retrospectively detected. Of the cases, 58.9 % were females and 41.1 % were males and the average age was 22.63 ± 18.54 (1-67) years. Pesticide poisoning was most common in summer (46.0 %). It was stated either by the person himself/herself or by his/her relatives that the intake of the toxic substance was accidental in 62.7 % cases and suicidal in 37.3 % cases. Most common poisoning was organic phosphorus pesticides (49%). Of the cases, 96.1 % were better and discharge from hospital and 3.9 % die.


Consequently, accidental pesticide poisoning are more than suicidal poisoning so we are of the opinion that in order to prevent accidental pesticide poisoning, personal precautions must be taken for the spraying person, pesticides must be kept away from children.

Keywords: Acute poisoning, pesticide, personal care