Approach to Geriatric Patients in Emergency Services


  • Ayhan Sarıtaş
  • Hayati Kandiş
  • Davut Baltacı

Received Date: 27.02.2011 Accepted Date: 09.05.2012 Eurasian J Emerg Med 2013;12(2):93-97

Geriatric patients represent a special group for emergency services. Geriatric patients usually apply to emergency services in more frequent and more severe situations than younger patients. Due to the rapid rise in the geriatric population, development of reinforcements in order to supply care for these patients becomes a more urgent issue for emergency services. In this paper, we aimed to present points which are important considerations in the management of geriatric group patients admitted to emergency room for emergency service workers, as a whole. It has been shown in many studies that there has been inadequate information and education for emergency physicians and nurses in identifying geriatric emergency situations. The majority of emergency physicians feel that inadequate time is spent on geriatric issues in residency, and that research in geriatric emergency medicine is inadequate. As a result, emergency physicians may play a key role in detecting important issues such as elder abuse, falling down, depression, alcoholism and malnutrition. We think that the creation of educational models and protocols for the recognition of geriatric emergency situations for emergency service workers will improve the quality of care given to geriatric patients in emergency services.

Keywords: Geriatric patients, emergency service, evaluation, disease