Brief Report

An Unknown Cause of Agricultural Accidents: Hoeing Machine


  • Kasim Turgut
  • Sukru Gurbuz
  • Hakan Oguzturk
  • Serkan Bican
  • Abdullah Keyfo Kama

Received Date: 29.09.2017 Accepted Date: 30.10.2017 Eurasian J Emerg Med 2018;17(1):28-32


The aim of this study was to evaluate the tragic hoeing machine accidents that result in many limb amputations and disability.

Materials and Methods:

Ten patients, who were admitted to the emergency department (ED) of Inonu University between March 2012 and September 2016 because of hoeing machine accidents, were examined retrospectively.


During the 4-year period, 10 patients were admitted to the ED because of a hoeing machine accident. All of them were male. The mean age of patients was 41.3 years, and one patient was a child (12 years). The accidents occured in the spring and summer season, mostly in the afternoon (90%). The mean of the time spent in the ED was 91.9 min, and the mean of the hospitalization period was 32.6 days. The patients had many subtotal amputations or open fractures. All the patients were operated on by orthopedic surgeons. Limb amputation was performed in 4 patients. None of the patients died, but many of them were permanently disabled.


Hoeing machine accidents can cause serious lower-extremity injuries. The accidents occur mainly because of the misuse of machines by farmers. To prevent these accidents, farmers must use the machine according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and the patients should be admitted to wellequipped trauma centers.

Keywords: Hoeing machine, emergency medicine, agricultural accidents, amputation