Case Report

Acute Isoniazid Poisoning Mimicking Meningoencephalitis: Case Report and Review of Literature


  • Ataman Köse
  • Murat Zenginol
  • Beril Köse
  • Nurullah Günay
  • Cuma Yıldırım

Received Date: 24.04.2009 Accepted Date: 29.05.2009 Eurasian J Emerg Med 2011;10(1):43-45

Antituberculosis drug-induced intoxications, though at a diminished level, could still rarely occur in the present day. İsoniazid-induced seizures, hepatotoxicity, and neurotoxicity have been reported, usually as chronic side eff ects. In the present study, we report a case who was brought to our hospital unconscious with meningoencephalitis and who, following prolonged prognosis efforts, was determined to have developed neurotoxicity, recurring seizures, and hepatotoxicity due to attempted suicide by ingestion of a potentially lethal dose (300 mg INH*50 tablets; 15 gr) of isoniazid.

Keywords: Meningoencephalitis, seizures, hepatotoxicity, isoniazid